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A continuation of the DBF project, Ported to VB.NET
A reincarnation of the original DBFdotNET engine.
DbfDotNet aim is to offer a fully .Net framework managed support for dBase files and indexes. It is designed as a very quick embedded single-user database/entity framework. As it works on disk (rather than on memory) It is able to cope with very large datatables.

DbfDotNet primarily goals is to be :
  1. Quick - The aim is to be the fastest data access database there is for .Net. To achieve that we have to give up on features that would slow it down. This is why DbfDotNet does not currently support transaction or multi-thread access.
  2. Compact - In term of principle we offer only one way of doing things to keep the library The library as small as possible. The aim is also to adapt the runtime memory footprint based on the machine current workload.
  3. Resilient - Despite not being acid the aim is still to be crash proof and also allow easy backup and restore mechanism.
  4. Simple - DbfDotNet offers a very straight forward object mapping mechanism.

Additional information on the orginal starting project is available here: DbfDotNet.

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